Three Methods You Can Apply To Control Tick Infestation

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Three Methods You Can Apply To Control Tick Infestation

25 April 2022
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Many people consider ticks to be relatively harmless. However, ticks are vectors that spread disease-causing pathogens to their hosts. Studies show that ticks have increased the risk of acquiring Lyme disease, which affects over 20,000 people in the United States. They also spread diseases like anaplasmosis, East Coast fever, and other infections to livestock, translating to reduced yield and increased mortality. Poor livestock health results in owners incurring poor growth yields and low milk productivity translating to a loss of income. It is recommended that you make your yard or farm tick-proof by applying effective tick control methods to reduce the risk of tick infestation and infection. Here are three methods you can use to control tick infestation.

Apply Suitable Pesticides

Ticks often carry dangerous pathogens causing East Coast fever in livestock. As such, livestock owners are at a higher risk of losing their cattle and livestock to tick diseases. Thus, they are advised by veterinary specialists to seek a suitable tick control method such as the application and use of acaricides in their cattle dips. Acaricides are effective chemical pesticides designed to repel and kill ticks, preventing the transmission of tick pathogens. Individuals are also advised to use lawn care products to control tick infestation in their homes. Most products comprise concentrates that you dilute with water and then spray the lawns. It is advisable to hire professional tick control services because they have the necessary equipment and safety gear.

Dry Your Land

Ticks often thrive in humid surroundings; thus, you are at risk of tick infestation if your land is often swampy. Tick control services may advise you to improve soil drainage in your home to mitigate tick infestation. An example entails making mulch moats to create a dry and hot physical barrier that fosters soil desiccation, making it inhabitable for pests. The hot and dry conditions create unfavorable conditions for ticks to thrive. 

Apply Landscaping Techniques

Pest control professionals may also advise you to implement landscape designs that deter tick infestations. Remember, ticks flourish in shrubs, bushes, and long grass. Thus, backyards, lawns, and farms provide breeding grounds for ticks to thrive. Homeowners and farmers must apply landscaping techniques on their property as an effective tick control method. Landscaping will require you to trim tall grasses and bushes and clear weeds. Professionals also advise homeowners to construct fences to restrict access by trespassing pets or rodents that are often hosts for ticks.