Keeping Ticks Away From Your Property

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Keeping Ticks Away From Your Property

27 July 2017
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You might already know that tick bites can be a danger to you, your family, and your pets. These insects have been known to carry about 16 pathogens, including Lyme disease. If you have a property with a large yard, you could very well need to take preventative action against these pests so that you and those you care about don't become sick. These suggestions could keep your property tick-free.

Keep Grass Low

Perhaps the easiest method of preventing ticks is to keep yard grass as low as you can. Skipping mowing sessions for too long can enable grass to grow long, which is particularly attractive to ticks because they can hide and wait on blades of grass waiting for a host to pass. Cutting the grass low to avoid ticks is a simple thing to do throughout the year.

Avoid Attracting Hosts

In addition to the ticks themselves, it's smart to determine how to avoid living hosts that could be carrying them. Animals as small as mice and as large as migrating birds can be hosts, so taking general action to avoid visiting creatures is a good idea.

Don't allow piles of leaves to gather for too long, for example. Don't permit standing water outside. Be careful about the plants you grow; if you're growing vegetables, put up a sturdy wall around the area so you don't end up attracting rabbits, raccoons, and other mammals and the ticks they could be carrying.

Not all living things are tick targets. Some kinds of birds actually eat them. For that reason, if you've ever thought of getting hens to lay eggs, know they can also be an effective way to keep tick numbers down if allowed to freely travel in the yard.

Use Tick-Repellent Plants

Just as you might use certain plants or bushes to repel some critters, there are some plants which are especially repellent to ticks and other insects. Lavender, rosemary, rue, and garlic are examples of plants that might deter ticks from setting up a base inside your yard.

Get Periodic Spraying

To take care of ticks already on the property and deter population regrowth, periodic tick control treatments from a tree service or landscaper are beneficial. The number of sprays you'll need during the warmer seasons depends on the type of property you have and its location.

Ticks and their bites can be prevented using these pointers. Local landscapers and tree service contractors can discuss tick control for your property in greater detail.