Tips To Know About Stump Removals

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Tips To Know About Stump Removals

18 July 2017
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After you have had a tree cut down, you may be left with a large and noticeable stump. These stumps can be extremely unsightly, but they can also pose more practical problems. For example, they can make mowing the lawn more difficult, and a stump will serve as a perfect home for termites or ants that could spread to your home. Following a few pieces of advice concerning stump removals can help you do this project.

Consider Opting For Stump Grinding Rather Than Full Removal

Homeowners will often assume that they will need to have the stump pulled out of the ground. While this is an excellent option for those that need to ensure the entire stump is removed, it may be overkill for the needs of most homeowners, and it may even cause some serious problems. The large hole that is created by pulling a stump out of the ground can lead to serious erosion problems, and it may be difficult for you to fill the hole without leaving a noticeable blemish on your property. Rather than having a stump pulled out of the ground, you can opt to grind it as low as possible, and this can help to avoid the potential problems that can arise from both leaving a stump in place and pulling it out of the ground.

Appreciate The Dangers Of Attempting To Remove A Stump Without Hiring A Professional

Homeowners will often attempt to remove stumps without contracting a tree service company. This can be a remarkably dangerous task. Attempting to grind or pull the stump without the appropriate tools can put tremendous stress on the devices that you use, which can make a major failure more likely. When an equipment failure occurs during this work, it can send metal shards and fragments flying in every direction. Additionally, it's possible for pieces of wood from the stump to also become airborne and cause injuries. A professional from a tree service company is better prepared for these potential risks.

Have The Nearby Utility Lines Marked Prior To Pulling A Stump From The Ground

For those that insist on having the tree stump pulled out of the ground, it is important to have the nearby utility lines marked. It can be possible for the roots from your tree to extend far from the actual tree, and this can allow them to become entangled in buried utility lines. If you attempt to remove the stump without having these lines marked, you're more likely to damage these lines as you may not realize that the roots are pulling on them. When you notice that the roots appear to be tangled around something, you should cut the roots to avoid damaging the utility line.

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