How To Handle That Old Shade Tree In Your Yard That Needs To Come Down

After I realized that my entire yard was at risk because of our towering pine trees, I decided to start looking for a professional tree service company. I didn't necessarily want to chop the trees down, but I knew that they needed to be trimmed in order to keep millions of pine needles from falling all over my yard. It was a lot of work, but I decided that it would be smart to protect my investments. After finding a great business, it was incredible to see how well they trimmed the trees and tidied up the foliage. This blog is all about working with a great tree service.

How To Handle That Old Shade Tree In Your Yard That Needs To Come Down

18 May 2017
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If you've noticed the tell-tale signs of a sick tree (falling branches, bare spots where leaves should be, and brown leaves out of season) then you have probably decided that your old shade tree needs to be cut down. It's not something you want to trifle with. A large tree that is rotting away, and is dying, can be a huge problem if left alone. You don't want to let it get worse and worse until eventually the tree comes crashing down in the middle of a thunderstorm. Even if the tree itself doesn't come crashing down, a huge limb might snap off in a storm and wreck your car, or land on your porch, caving in the roof. So, you need to deal with the problem. Here's what to do.

Bring In A Tree Expert To Examine The Tree

Before you decide to whip out the chainsaw, you want to make sure that the tree is not salvageable. If large limbs have already started to fall, and there is no green on the tree during the spring and summer, then, yes, you probably have a dead tree. However, if there are only a few problem spots on the tree, you might be able to do some resuscitation. A tree expert can come in and determine if, indeed, the interior of the tree is rotting and if it needs to be cut down, or it there is a problem that can be fixed. After the initial consultation, you can bring in the experts.

Hire A Skilled Tree Removal Service

You don't want to just go outside with a chainsaw or axe and start hacking away at the tree. If the tree is not cut in the proper method, you can have a disastrous result. The tree might come crashing down onto your home. A skilled tree service will have professionals who know the correct method of cutting a tree. They are well versed in directional cutting, which will allow the tree to fall away from the house.

Salvage Some Wood In The Form Of Firewood

Once the tree has been cut down, you might want to have the tree experts cut the logs to length. This is great if you happen to have a fireplace or wood burning stove. Even if you don't have a fireplace, you might want to keep the wood on hand to give to friends who have fireplaces, or you could even sell it. You could post advertisements in local shops come wintertime that you have firewood for sale. People who have pickup trucks will often buy firewood from individuals and then resell it commercially, so you could recoup a bit of the price of the tree service.