Three Ways To Stop Moss Growth On Your Roof… For Good

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Three Ways To Stop Moss Growth On Your Roof… For Good

27 April 2017
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A mossy roof may seem quaint or rustic, but having moss grow on your roof is not a good thing. The moss eats away at your shingles, causing them to peel away. Over time, it may even grow into the wooden base of your roof, leading to leaks and decay. One thing is for sure: if there's moss growing on your roof, you need to take care of it right now. Here are three ways to do just that.

Have your trees removed.

Usually, when moss is growing on the roof, it's because there are trees shading the roof. They trap moisture on the roof after a storm, which gives moss the moisture it needs to thrive. Plus, they keep the roof cooler, and moss likes cool temperatures.

Trimming away a few overhanging branches may work. However, they will grow back, so you'll have to keep up with the trimming regularly. A better approach may be to have the trees in question removed completely. This should either eliminate the moss growth or greatly reduce it.

Have zinc strips installed.

Zinc is unappealing to moss. Typically, the moss won't grow at all, or will only grow very minimally, when in the presence of zinc. Your roofing contractor can install strips of zinc along the peak of your roof. When it rains, the water will rinse over the zinc strips and take some of the zinc with it as it trickles down the roof. This should help keep your roof moss-free.

The downfall to zinc strips is that they really only work when rain reaches the roof. It your roof is so shaded by trees that the rain does not reach it, then the strips may not be effective. You'd still need to have the tree trimmed or removed first.

Moss-Proof Shingles

If it's time to replace your roof anyways, then consider choosing shingles that are specially made to prevent moss growth. These are embedded with copper or zinc granules, which help prevent moss from appearing. If your roof is shaded by another building or structure that you cannot remove, this may be your best bet. These specialized shingles can be a bit costly, but choosing them is certainly more affordable than having to prematurely replace your roof every 10 years because moss keeps eating away at it.

To learn more about the many ways to keep moss from growing on your roof, talk to a contractor like those at Rivas Tree Service in your area.